Sometimes, your mental health can be affected if you have experienced trauma or a stressful event, if you feel isolated and lonely, have had relationship or money problems, someone close to you has died, or you have been pregnant or had a baby.

But mental health problems can also happen to anybody and it’s important to remember you are not alone and it’s ok to ask for help if you are struggling.

The following could be signs you need some support with your mental health:

  • if you are feeling down or sad
  • you are worrying a lot
  • you are having problems sleeping
  • or you do not feel like eating much

There are lots of support services available if you need help for stress, anxiety, depression and other problems with how you are feeling. Any information you tell the services will be kept safe and private.

Find out what kind of support you need

If you feel you need some support with your mental health, a good place to start is to speak to your GP or visit the Mindwell website for more information and support. The website includes ideas you can try yourself to help improve how you are feeling, and information about where you can go for help in Leeds if you need it.

Mindwell Leeds

There is also a website for children and young people called MindMate:


Talk to someone

Many people find that talking to a professional about how they feel can help them get better. This is sometimes called talking therapies.

There are free services in Leeds that offer talking therapies including some with specialist knowledge and experience for helping migrants, refugees and asylum seekers with their mental health. This includes a good understanding of different cultures and faiths.

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) is a service led by the NHS that offers psychological (talking) therapies to help people who are stressed, experiencing low mood (depressed) or are feeling nervous or anxious.

Touchstone IAPT is a specialist service for people from Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) backgrounds. You can request an interpreter or a female or male therapist. Classes and online treatment are available, as well as face to face therapy. You don’t need to be feeling very unwell to access the service. Many people find the service very useful when they have had concerns about their mood for only a short time, are still able to normal activities or have not had any treatment before.

You don’t need a professional to refer you, you can contact IAPT yourself.


0113 8434388

[email protected]


Touchstone IAPT (for people from BME backgrounds)

0113 2163000

[email protected]

Touchstone IAPT

Solace is a Leeds charity which provides psychotherapy (talking therapies) and other support to survivors of persecution and exile.

Oak House, Park Lane, Leeds, LS3 1EL

0113 487 8360

[email protected]

For more organisations supporting refugees and asylum seekers with mental health, visit the Help in Leeds website and search for ‘Mental Health’ under Organisation Category.

Help in Leeds

If you feel you have had enough

If the situation feels out of control, you are very upset, or you are having suicidal thoughts or thoughts about hurting yourself, there are people who can help. There are phone helplines you can call to speak to someone straight away, and there are places you can visit for support. Find out more on the Mindwell website:

I Need Help Now

Places you can visit include:

Dial [email protected] is a place you can go for emotional support and information. Refugees and asylum seekers are welcome. You need to phone before you visit.

53-55 Harehills Avenue, Leeds, LS8 4EX (open Tuesdays and Thursdays 6pm-2am)

0113 249 4675 or text 07763 581 853

The Well-Bean Hope in a Crisis Cafe is open to people in Leeds and offers emotional one-to-one support for up to one hour. It also has a social space and practical support for loneliness, emotional health and wellbeing. Hot food is served every evening. You need to phone before you visit.

Lincoln Green Community Centre, 29 Cromwell Mount, LS9 7JB (open Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Bank Holiday evenings 6pm-12am).

07760 173476

Connect Helpline

There is also a free phone number in Leeds that you can call to talk to someone if you are feeling anxious, lonely, angry or just need to talk. You can talk about how you are feeling and also if you have problems for example with money or housing. There is also a Teen Connect service, available on the same phone number, for 13-16 year-olds. Both numbers are open 6pm-2am at night.

0808 800 1212 

If it is an emergency

If you or someone you know has hurt themselves, you or they should call 999 for an ambulance or go to A&E.

Last Updated: 13 May 2019

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