There are lots of ways to travel around Leeds. To find the best way to make your journey, you might want to find out more about where you are living now and how to get around.

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This section tells you about how and where to get help when you or someone in your family feels unwell or is injured, using the UK’s healthcare system the NHS.

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In this section, you can find out more about education and training for your children in Leeds and how to apply.

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To find accommodation in Leeds you can either apply for social housing from the local authority (Leeds City Council), housing from a Housing Association, or rent private accommodation from a landlord or letting agency. Or you can buy a house using a mortgage.

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Banks and Money

Moving to a new country can be tough financially. This section includes information on where to go to open a bank or other type of financial account or to get a loan. It also provides details on organisations that can help you if you’re struggling with money.

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Find out key information about working in Leeds. There are lots of services in Leeds that can help you find a job and apply, gain experience and skills and access extra support if you need it.

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Caring for Your Family

If you are caring for a family member, of any age, there are services in Leeds that can support you, including more specialist support for children or adults.

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Staying Safe

If you don’t feel safe when you are living in Leeds, or you have experienced harm or abuse, it is really important to talk to someone who can help. There are lots of professionals who can help you and your family, so don’t be afraid to speak up.

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For immigration advice, you must use a trained adviser who is registered with OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner).

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Living in Your Neighbourhood

Wherever you live in Leeds, this section is designed to help you get the best experience from living there. It includes some rules to be aware of, to benefit everyone in the local area.

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