What you need to know

You will need a National Insurance Number (NINO) to receive benefits, and when you get a job, so you must get one quickly.  

Check to see if you have a National Insurance Number printed on the back of your Biometric Residence Permit. You do not need to apply for one if it is printed on the back.

If you do not see a national insurance number on your BRP, you should check with your UKVI case owner to see if they have applied for one on your behalf. Your determination of asylum claim letter will include the name and number of your case owner. Ask if they will apply for one for you.

If you do not have your National Insurance number, you must apply for one. You can request to apply for a National Insurance Number when you first claim benefits. You will be asked to attend a NINO interview, separate from your benefit interview. Sometimes, the Jobcentre may contact you and ask you to come to a NINO interview before you request an interview.

At the NINO interview, you will be asked about your circumstances and why you need a National Insurance Number (you need to say it is in order to work). You will be told at the interview how long it will take to receive your National Insurance Number.

A NINO is not necessary for benefits to be paid. Benefits can be paid via an Internal Identification Number until the NINO is allocated.

If you do not have your National Insurance number and you are not applying for benefits, you must apply for a National Insurance number over the phone.

Visit https://www.gov.uk/apply-national-insurance-number for more details.

Last Updated: 18 June 2024

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