A bank, building society, finance company or Leeds Credit Union can give you a personal loan whether or not you’re a customer.

It is important to be careful about borrowing money. If you need a loan because you are struggling with money, there are other options you should consider first, which may help you with your money problems. Go to “Help with money problems

Where you need to go

You can apply for a loan in person at a branch or by post, phone or online.

Advisers at the bank, building society or finance company will be able to advise you about the best loan for you and what they need to know about your circumstances.

You will usually need to provide proof of your ID and address, and details about your financial circumstances including your income, how much money you spend every month and your credit history.

Citizens Advice Leeds has some helpful information about loans on its website:

Citizens Advice on Personal Loans

Be careful who you get a loan from

You should only borrow money from a trusted lender. Some types of loans can be risky or even illegal.

“Payday loans” are legal and offer quick access to loans but be aware, your debt can increase quickly if you don’t pay it off quickly.

“Loan sharks” are illegal lenders who often target vulnerable people. They might seem friendly at first, but their loans often come with huge interest rates – and they may even use threats and harassment.

You can report a loan shark or illegal money lender to the government using the contact details below.

0300 555 2222
[email protected]

Last Updated: 28 May 2024

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