You can catch a taxi either by booking one from a private hire taxi firm in advance or you can use one of the taxi ranks in the city centre.

There are taxi ranks on many of the main streets, including outside the train station. They usually have a sign showing you where to wait.

Only a certain type of taxi is allowed by law to pick up passengers from a taxi rank on the street. These taxis are called Hackney Carriages and you can recognise them because they are always white with a black part at the front and back of the vehicle (called the bonnet and boot).

To book a private hire taxi, you could use Uber or a local company which you could find on Google. You can book over the phone, and some companies have apps you can use.

Private hire vehicles look like normal vehicles but they should have a sign telling you the name of the company and that it is licensed by Leeds City Council.

When you book a taxi or catch one in the city centre, you can request one for large numbers of passengers (up to 6 people) or for a wheelchair user.

Staying safe

Most taxi drivers are, of course, legal and safe, but to make sure you stay safe, here are some tips:

  • You should never get into a vehicle unless it is a Hackney carriage or one you have booked in advance.
  • You should always check the driver has a badge, because this shows they are licensed.
  • Don’t wait for a taxi on your own and if possible share a taxi with friends
  • It is better to sit in the back seat if you are alone.

Last Updated: 28 May 2024

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