You may be entitled to extra financial support from the government in the form of welfare benefits.

In Leeds, currently, benefits include Jobseekers Allowance if you are looking for work, housing benefit to help pay rent, childcare benefits to support families, or benefits to top up low income or support people with a disability or health problem.

Find out more about different benefits in the UK on the Citizens Advice website:


For migrants living in the UK, there are different rules around who can claim benefits, based on where you are from, your immigration status and the type of benefits.

Many benefits require people to say they are looking for work, and require them to provide evidence of this. In those cases, if you say you do not want a job or you are not looking for a job, this can lead to your benefit being stopped. This sometimes called “being sanctioned”.

If you need to make a new claim for benefits, you will receive Universal Credit instead which is the name for a new single monthly payment that replaces them all.

If you are currently claiming benefits that Universal Credit will replace you will carry on receiving these as normal. You will not be moved onto Universal Credit unless your circumstances change.

Turn2us is a national charity that helps people access benefits. It has information for migrants about claiming benefits on its website, which you may find useful.

Claiming Benefits for Migrants

Finding a welfare adviser

To find out which welfare benefits you may be able to claim for and how you can apply, you must speak to a trained adviser.

You can do this by making an appointment at your local One Stop Centre or Community Hub to speak to a member of Leeds City Council’s Welfare Rights Unit. Or you can call the Unit directly.

Welfare Rights

Find your local One Stop Centre at or Community Hub at:

Find Your Nearest One Stop Centre

Find your nearest Community Hub here:

Find Your Nearest Community Hub

You can also contact the Welfare Rights Unit by phone or email.

0113 376 0452 (Mon- Thurs, 9am-4.30pm, alternate Weds, 10:15am-4:30pm and Fri, 9am-4pm)

[email protected]

Home visits are also available for people who cannot leave their home.

You can also speak to an adviser at Citizens Advice Leeds.

31 New York St, Leeds LS2 7DT, Mondays to Fridays, 9am-4pm. Other venues available include GP surgeries, Children’s Centres, One Stop Centres. Call the number below to find out more and book an appointment.

0113 223 4400, 9am – 5pm or email

Citizens Advice Services Overview

Last Updated: 13 May 2019

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