Housing associations provide rented housing which is similar to local councils and can be a suitable option for people on a low income.

Housing associations do not make a profit. They are often called Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) or Registered Providers (RPs).

Applying to a housing association

You can apply to housing associations by contacting them directly. You can also apply to some of them by registering with Leeds City Council. The council maintains its housing register as part of a larger register known as the Leeds Homes Register, which is a common housing register. Currently customers can apply for housing with the following social landlords by applying to the Leeds Homes Register:

  • Leeds City Council
  • Accent
  • Anchor
  • Belle Isle Tenant Management Organisation
  • Clarion Housing
  • Connect
  • Home Group
  • 54North Homes
  • Leeds Federated Housing Association
  • Leeds Jewish Housing Association
  • Places for People
  • Sanctuary
  • Together Housing Group
  • Unity
  • Yorkshire Housing
  • Your Housing Group

You can find more information here:

Leeds Homes Register

Last Updated: 28 May 2024

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