Learning English will really help you find employment and there are many places where you can learn English in Leeds, sometimes for free depending on your circumstances.

Here are some reasons why learning English can be good for you:

  • Many employers want people who can speak English for their jobs. It will also make looking for a job and applying easier.
  • It will make using the internet easier – not all UK and Leeds websites are translated.
  • Many people in Leeds have English as their second language, so you can communicate with people from all over the world now living in Leeds.
  • You will meet new people on your study course and make friends.
  • You will gain confidence.
  • If your children speak English, you will be able to learn and share this together.
  • English is based on a simple alphabet and can be easy to learn compared to some other languages.

You can find out about English classes (sometimes called English for Speakers of Other Languages or ESOL) at the Learning English in Leeds website.

Learning English in Leeds

The website also tells you which classes offer childcare provision / crèche, and helps you find courses that are recognised by employers.

Last Updated: 28 May 2024

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